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About Fairways and Roughs

Fairways and Roughs is a golf site dedicated to golfing and golfers. There are many features that apply to golfers with all levels of ability and walks of life.

We developed this site with the intent of having people share their golf scores and comment on each other's games. It is a place to meet fellow golfers and keep in touch with your existing golf buddies

We have focused our features around golf game score keeping. You can see statistics on an individual game and see comparisons between the players of the game or you can see you or your friends overall statistics for all the games in a given period of time.

In addition to golf game statistics, we also provide golf events such as golf shows, tournaments, and other golf events. You can even add your own golf events to the calendar and share it with your friends.

We hope you enjoy using this site site as much as we do. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or issues with this site.