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Free Advertising on Fairways and Roughs

If you are in the golf related industry, there are several ways to get free advertising on Fairways and Roughs.

Golf Course Owners and Golf Course Managers

Each time golfers play and track their scores at a golf course with Fairways and Roughs, they are providing free advertising for the golf course they played.

  • The latest rounds of golf along with the golf course name are displayed on the Fairways and Roughs home page.
  • All of the friends of the user that played golf can see their games along with the course played on their fairway and on their rough.
  • If that user shares their game on other social networks such as Facebook™, LinkedIn™, etc. their social connections on those networks will see the course as well.

So, if you own a golf course, manage a golf course, manage the pro shop at a golf course, or perform any other function responsible for spreading the word about your course, you can get free advertising on Fairways and Roughs simply by telling your customers and employees to use our site! The more people use use Fairways and Roughs when they use your course, the more free advertising you will be receiving for your site. It's that easy!

All Golf Related Businesses

(Golf Equipment Manufacturers, Golf Equipment Sellers, Course Owners, etc.)

Our golf directory has a large number of links to golf sites. By adding your site to the Fairways and Roughs golf directory, your site will be searchable by users looking for web sites in a specific golf category. Adding your site is free. You can also include your site's social links to your entry for Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn companies and Google+ pages, and more!

Other Advertising Options

If you are already taking advantage of the above opportunities, or they do not suit your needs, you can use the links below for other advertising opportunities on Fairways and Roughs.