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PGA TOUR Fan Council FAQ

By PGA Tour News
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The PGA TOUR is focused on improving the golf experience, and we’re putting direct fan feedback at the heart of this effort. The Fan Council is a community of real fans from all over the world helping the TOUR make key decisions by being the voice that represents what fans really want. Once in the council, members serve as a sounding board for new ideas, and they collaborate with the TOUR to test-drive new products before they’re available to anyone else. The Fan Council is an avenue for fans to provide feedback directly to the TOUR and have their voice heard. It’s where the TOUR not only looks for feedback, but also encourages fans to share their ideas that can make golf better. To take advantage of this unique opportunity to get involved, click the link below: Join the PGA TOUR Fan Council A note from the Commissioner At the PGA TOUR, no voice has more weight and value than that of our fans. That’s why the PGA TOUR Fan Council – each of you – is so important. We know there’s room to improve, and we’re ready to listen.   Every employee, player, partner and fan is thankful for your passion and dedication to the game. I hope you enjoy your experience, and I look forward to hearing your recommendations on how we can make good on our mission to put Fans First.     - PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan FAQ Q. What kind of activities will I be participating in? A. You’ll be able to interact with the PGA TOUR through the Fan Council website by participating in digital surveys, online forums, polls and other online experiences. We’ll also have several opportunities throughout the year to meet the team at PGA TOUR events and participate in focus groups and other activities at live events. Q. How much does it cost to join the PGA TOUR Fan Council? A. Nothing; it is free to join. We just ask that you actively participate in the council by providing your feedback when requested. Q. What do members receive for participating? A. Official PGA TOUR Fan Council members have the unique opportunity to speak directly to the PGA TOUR. Members also get the chance to see new products and experiences before they’re available to golf fans everywhere. In addition, the Fan Council runs sweepstakes and featured member giveaways periodically. Q. How long can you be a member of the PGA TOUR Fan Council? A. Members can always remain on the council, as long as they actively participate by providing feedback when requested. Q. Who is eligible to join the PGA TOUR Fan Council? A. For consideration, any new members should be at least 18 years of age and be interested in improving the golf experience. Q. My friend/family member should be a member; how do I recommend them for the PGA TOUR Fan Council? A. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member can submit a request here (www.pgatourfancouncil.com) by clicking the “Interested in joining?” button. Q. How often can I expect to provide feedback? A. While not every member receives every survey, members can expect to participate in roughly two activities per month.

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