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September 12, 2012Fairways and Roughs Golf Link Directory Overhaul
We are pleased to announce that we have just finished a complete overhaul to our golf link directory. The entire look, layout, and back-end of the golf link directory site has been changed. Read the full article

July 04, 2012Favorite Course List Available
We have created a favorite course list where logged in users can save favorite courses to. Users can quickly create a game from their favorite course list. This list is available by selecting "Favorites" in the "Courses" drop down menu when users are logged in. Users can add to the list by viewing the course details and clicking on the "+ Add to Favorites" button in the course detail page.

June 18, 2012Enhanced Golf Course Maps Available Showing Course Layout
Logged in user's can now view enhanced maps with a hole by hole layout of the course. A dynamic map of the course is available with each fairway path and green center overlaid on the map. This feature is available for maps that have geographical information as indicated by a green check next to the Green Centers or the Map Data fields in each of the course detail pages. When you signup for your free account, specify a favorite course and we will prioritize creating the enhanced map of that course.

May 16, 2011Watch Golf Videos on Fairways and Roughs
We have added golf videos to the Fairways and Roughs website. From interviews with the pros to the back-swing of Tiger Woods in slow motion, thousands of videos can be found at http://videos.fairwaysandroughs.com.

May 04, 2011Fairways and Roughs Blog
We have added a Blog to the Fairways and Roughs website and it can be found at http://blog.fairwaysandroughs.com. Look to the blog for golf tips and tricks, golf equipment reviews, and general golf topics.

February 27, 2011Play Mini-putt on Fairways And Roughs
We have integrated several Adobe Flash golf games on the Fairways And Roughs website. Maybe it is the middle of the night or just a small snow storm that is keeping you from playing golf, now you can still get your fix in by playing our golf games at http://www.fairwaysandroughs.com.

January 23, 2011Facebook Integration Complete
We have completed our integration of Facebook features into our site. At Fairways And Roughs you can use your existing Facebook credentials to quickly and easily signup for a Fairways And Roughs account. You can share game information on your Facebook profile and use our application at http://apps.facebook.com/fairwaysandroughs to view your game statistics from within Facebook.

January 23, 2011Twitter Integration Complete
We have completed our integration of Twitter features into our website. Fairways And Roughs has a Twitter account @FairwaysNRoughs. You can follow us on Twitter and be informed about news and updates from Fairways And Roughs. The upper right side of the home page contains a link to use to follow FairwaysNRoughs. You can send a tweet about your game using your Twitter account right from your games page once your game is complete.

December 16, 2010Game Results Displayed in PGA Format
Your golf games can now be displayed in "PGA format". Pars are shown with simply the number, One under par is shown with a single circle around the score, two or more under par are displayed with two circles around the score. One over par is displayed with a single square around the score and two or more over par are displayed with two squares. This setting can be changed in your account settings.

December 01, 2010Weekly Digest E-Mails
Fairways And Roughs has begun our weekly digest email service. Each week our system will send you an email of the current happenings relating to golf, events, the site, and your friends. You can disable these weekly emails in your account settings by unchecking the ‘Send Weekly Digest Email’ checkbox.