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Golf Tips - Tempo

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Description: Todays tip will be about tempo. I've always felt that if the mechanics of one's golf swing are fairly sound other then that the occasional tune up from your pro, youre going to work on tempo more than anything. Tempo is kind of the glue that holds everything together. We all tend to swing too hard or too fast. Golf is a game of distance, in our minds anyway, more than a game of accuracy. Were all trying to hit the ball farther. If anybody has heard a golfer say they dont want to hit the ball farther I want to meet them ,Ive never met one! A gentleman once asked me if I could give him just one tip, one sentence that would be the secret to the golf swing, what would it be? He thought I would take time to think about it but I didnt. I said, "Sir, if you always have your arms moving in the same direction at the same time you're going be fine." He looked and very puzzled and scratched his head and walked away from me like I didnt know what I was talking about, like I was half nuts, but its true.

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